the Doom of the Winter's Reign

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A Better Word for Weird
Critical Acclaim for a_leprechaun:
"One of the few LJs that don't make me wanna kill people." -The Dana

"But... if me, my birth, if that's a thermodynamic miracle... I mean, you could say that about anybody in the world!"
"Yes. Anybody in the world... But the world is so
full of people, so crowded with these miracles that they become commonplace, and we forget... I forget." -- Watchmen


ALIGNMENT: Neutral/Chaotic Light

AGE: 24.
"I want to be young, and I want to be old. I would like to be wise before my time and yet be foolish and brash and bold." -- Guido Contini

SOUL CONTENTS: Storytellers, troublemakers, soldiers, homebodies, those who wander in search of a home rather than to get away.
Occasional batshit maniac--yeah, sorry about that one.

TYPE: INFP -- Healer; NBDS -- Trailblazer

OCCUPATION: "We're actors - we're the opposite of people. Think, in your head, now, think of the most private, secret, intimate thing you have ever done secure in the knowledge of its privacy... Are you thinking of it? Well, I saw you do it!" -- Tom Stoppard

Also I work at a toy store, but that's just to pay the bills. And 'cause I love kids :D

What will be this life's definition?

Maybe it's better not to ask.


I am

ambiguous, androgyne, androgynous, bi-romantic, biogirl, bisensual, bishounen, blessed, bouncy, brunette, bubbly, child, cousin, crossdresser, Democrat, daughter, dreamer, eclectic, faerie, female-assigned, female-bodied, female-born, feminist, full of love, gender confused, gender different, genetic woman, happy, heterosexual, hippie, liberal, little sister, Miss, Ms., myself, niece, odd, other-gendered, otherkin, pirate, pro-choice, pro-gay, quiet, quirky, recreational gender blender, sister, slinky minx, snuggly, spiritual, sweet, takarazuka, treehugger, weird

Who are you?

Brothers Grimm, The
Harry Potter
Hot Fuzz (and by association all things Pegg and Frost)
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The/Notre Dame de Paris
Iron Man
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Carribean


Writing Journal: p0t_0_g0ld
Spiritual Journal: far_aman
Graphics Journal: lepricons
Music Journal: owmyfingers

animated_beauty: Marina and Snow White
beingsoflegend: Earth Faerie, Vampire, Mermaid
divinities: Pan and Brigid
In the nymphs_grove I am called Far Amon.
leading_ladies: Millie
lotr_ratings: Frodo
wizardingworld_: Sirius Black
night_court: Orchis
mwpp_rating: Sirius Black
savvyrate: Captain Jack Sparrow
chartype_rate: Hero's Sidekick

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accents, acting, actor-ogling, addictions, adventuring, agent smith, alcohol, american idol, androgyny, anime, aranothyium, astrology, astronomy, b bny, being a pirate, being funky, being the grand poobah, ben hawkins, billy boyd, bishounen, bonkers, broadway, broomboarding, brothers grimm, buachailleen, burning man, captain jack sparrow, carnivale, celine dion, celtic culture, cherubs, cosplay, coupling, crossdressing, dilandau, dilandau albatou, dionysos, dionysus, dragons, drawing, dreams, earthbound, eddie izzard, egyptian mythology, ellara, escaflowne, exalted, faeries, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, felix dreifuss, four-leaf clovers, france, gabriel chambers, genderqueer, gogol bordello, gold, harry potter, high cs, hobbitses, hot fuzz, huffledor, hufflelove, hufflepuff, hugo weaving, i am iron man, intoxication, ireland, irish accents, jacob grimm, japan, kung fu, leprechauns, lightning, livejournal, lord of the rings, magic, manga, min, movies, my scottish ancestry, mythology, nhsi, nick stahl, northwestern, northwestern university, nyack anime freaks, oozora yuuhi, otherkin, paganism, past lives, peregrin took, pervy hobbit fancying, pgsm, piracy, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, poof, portal realms, pretty boys, pretty guardian sailor moon, psychology, quizilla, rainbows, ravenclaw, reincarnation, ren faire, roger bart, roleplaying, rpgs, rttf, scotland, shamrocks, simon pegg, singing, stars, stephen stebbins, takarazuka, tarot, the fratellis, the secret garden, thunderstorms, tig, tigging, tony stark, transgender, transvestites, treasure hunting, vampire: the masquerade, wanderlust, white wolf, writing, 日本語を話す

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